Nifty's release their new album "N° 3"

Afterall, it was a long wait since "Takeshi Express" (2007) and "Naftularasa" (2009) and it took 3 years for the album to grow into its final shape.
We received financial support from "Österreichischer Musikfonds" to finance the recording, mixing, mastering and the graphic design of the CD.

Many long-time friends helped us in realizing this project:
It was recorded patiently by Alexandr Vatagin, mixed passionately by Martin Siewert, mastered prolifically by Patrick Pulsinger and the cover was designed by phantastic pan-media artist Katharina Ernst. The CD will be released on saxophone madman and labelowner Werner Zangerle's label listen closely records.

uashi snippet
74-75-76 snippet
3 snippet
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