Nifty's line up, stageplan, technical/hospitality rider

Fabian Pollack - guitar
Michael Bruckner - guitar
Dominik Grünbühel - bass
Mathias Koch - drums

P.A. and mixer
P.A. as suited for the venue, including 4 monitors (M)
1 bassdrum
2 snare
3 overhead left
4 overhead right
5 bass (D.I.-box)
6 vocal mic bass
7 lead guitar (right side)
8 vocal mic guitar (right side)
9 rhythm guitar (left side)

tom toms (T): 12" or 13"; (FT):16"
bassdrum (BD): 18" or 20" (Jazz)
snare (Sn): 14"
3 cymbalstands (C)
Hi-hat-stand (H)
drum-chair (D)
monitor (M)
skins: remo weatherking ambassador coated

amplifier top + box (2*12 or 1*15) (Bas)

2 x Fender Hot Rod Deluxe guitar amplifier (Gui)

microphones etc
2 x condenser microphone (overhead)
snare drum microphone
bass-drum microphone

D.I. box
vocal microphone (v.m.)

2 x guitar
2 x Shure Sm 57 microphone (mic)
1 x vocal microphone (v.m.)

8 microphone stands including 1 for bassdrum

hospitality rider
standard ausserhalb von wien mit übernachtung:
4 x standard meal optionally before or after the show
1 x gluten-free meal optionally before or after the show
4 x standard breakfast
1 x gluten-free breakfast
5 x single room 3 star or higher
transfer venue - hotel covered by promoter

at the venue:
3 alcoholic beverages per person
non-alcoholic beverages without limit
safe (lockable) quiet backstage room

technical contact: